Tini waterfall

Adasawase is an ancient community in the Akyem Abuakwa Traditional area situated in the heart of a tropical rain forest on the crest of the Bisa-Kintampo range in the Eastern Region, about five kilometers off the Anyinam road. It shares boundaries with Begoro on the east. On the south is Anyinam, the capital of Atewa East District. On the west is Bepon one of the major settlements of Kwahu Traditional area. Akyem Abuakwa and Kwahu Traditional council share boundary in the forest. Adasawase is fortunate, it is surrounded with countless natural resources such as minerals, caves, timber and water bodies. Among the natural endowments is the variety of wildlife both flora and fauna.

Some streams found in the forest have been named to indicate and confirm the abundant mineral wealth of Adasawase. One stream is called Odimpᴐ (consumer of gold nuggets) while another is christened takuampa (sixpence is always readily available).

Also, there are some attractive caves, popular among them are Mpambuom and Gyatabuom.

Adasawase forest is stuffed with variety of precious timber naturally arranged, hardened rocks which meet tourists on arrival with warm welcoming smiles. Besides the popular and major Tini waterfalls which has attracted tourists, there are some minor ones including Apᴐnkyea, Gyaaman, Tontorensu. The Tini waterfall is believed to have been first discovered by  a fetish priest and ancestors while searching for water. After their discovery, they decided to settle at the foothill of the water falls. Tini Waterfalls was given its name by the local people after its source, River Tini. It cascades beautifully over several rocks before hitting the ground and has a height of 60m and seven meters wide. The Tini river travels many kilometers on the hill under the natural canopy and from a height of about 500metres falls into a natural pool. When the pool is full, nature directs, provides it with an outlet through which it runs into the Birim river as its major tributary.

Also, there is River Ahy3n3e. This river travels many kilometers in its natural belt. At a point, the river submerges and travels for a distance under the ground and resurfaces. For many years, these attractive sites have been obscured to the public outside Adasawase. The local hunters and field personnel from the forestry commission should be commended for advertising the precious natural resources which has won international recognition. This became a reality when at a point in time the custodian of the land Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Tia II had series of negotiations with the sector Ministry for the development of the above-mentioned tourist attractions.

The chief’s appeal was considered on the 20th December 2010 when Hon. Mrs. Zita Okaikoi, Minister of Tourism unveiled a plaque to commission the Adasawase reception facility. Make Tini one of your choice locations to visit in Ghana


Moses Gyasi

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Solomon A. Kuffour
9 months ago

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