Nchiraa Waterfalls


Nchiraa Waterfalls is located 30 kilometres north of Wenchi in the Brong East region of Ghana. Nchiraa waterfalls is wedged between the mountains of the Nchiraa settlement.
In the early 2000s one Kofi Asiama, a hunter during, his tracking discovered the waterfall which is about two kilometres into the forest.  During one of the usual rural afternoon sittings at drinking bars he gave an account of his expeditions, revealing an attractive depiction of a site he saw in the bush.

Nchiraa Waterfalls offers tourist  a hiking adventure on a rocky and challenging footpath that leads to the waterfall. The existence of other natural and cultural tourism attractions within 10km radius makes the tour package exhilarating. It includes the Wurobo Ancestral Cave which is located about 8 km from the Nchiraa settlement. The cave is believed to be the original dwelling place of the people of Nchiraa.

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